Alex Da Corte’s “Marigolds”

John Canemaker and Alex Da Corte at the September 20 opening celebration of Da Corte’s exhibition Marigolds Private Artist Walk-through at Karma Gallery. A giant dimensional neoprene (synthetic rubber) carrot-flute looms.

Run, don’t walk, to Karma Gallery (188 East 2nd Street & 172 East 2nd Street) to see ALEX DA CORTE’s exciting new show, Marigolds, now through November 3. Link here.

Da Corte discusses his art with Karma Gallery guests in front of a dimensional broken pumpkin.

Alex Da Corte’s immersive art is often grand in scale and complex in concept: gorgeous color-saturated installations in large spaces, and provocative, elegant videos express the artist’s obsessive desires and interest, such as fantasy, horror films, sex, pop culture, and comic books, cartoons, and animation.

Comic book sources (above and below) for Da Costa’s neoprene imagery are also displayed.

Marigolds is a walk-through puzzle, with subliminal messages to be deciphered on multiplane levels. “Decoding or seeing something that may not be readily present,” Da Corte comments. The viewer must “dig deeper. It is a call for empathy.”

An enigmatic word search puzzle greets visitors with a hidden message.

Karma will publish a fully illustrated catalog of the exhibition, which will include newly commissioned texts by animator and historian John Canemaker and writer Tausif Noor, as well as the eponymous short story Marigolds by Dr. Eugenia Collier.

A giant blue boa based on Saint-Exupery’s famed drawing of a hat which, The Little Prince explains, is really a snake digesting an elephant. Behind, a blow-up of an M.C. Escher painting.

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