Artists’ Statement

My interest in art grew out of my interest in animation.  In my high school years I was inspired to draw by watching two Walts on television – Walt Disney, in the 1950s Disneyland series, and Walter Lantz, whose Woody Woodpecker show featured regular segments on animation and drawing.

Living in upstate New York, I felt an affinity with the work of regional painter Charles Burchfield, whose vibrant watercolors almost seem to be animated with energy.  I also appreciated the boldness and freedom of line that the great caricaturists employed.  I studied the drawings of Al Hirschfeld and others in order to develop my own ability as a cartoonist and caricaturist.

I took a more serious interest in watercolor and collage after I started making my own films.  I try to incorporate a painterly style in my animation, and making paintings was a natural outgrowth of drawing my own backgrounds and layouts.

Perhaps the biggest inspiration for my painting has been my garden in Bridgehampton, and the surrounding countryside, which are sources of endless fascination for me.  I paint for my own enjoyment and learning, which I feel is the best way to approach art.

I have also done various commissioned works, such as the invitations for the annual Animal Rescue Fund Hamptons Garden Tour.

Here is a gallery of some of my work over the years.  Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the paintings. I hope you enjoy them.

Gallery 1: Landscapes

Gallery 2: Christmas Cards


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