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I am pleased and proud to announce that my 1987 biography of Winsor McCay will be published this week in a beautiful Revised Edition by CRC Press.

New and updated information about the life and art of McCay, the great pioneer of both comic strips and animation, has been added to make his only existing biography current.

I’m happy that CRC Press — a premiere global publisher and member of Taylor & Francis Group, which publishes numerous books on hand-drawn and digital animation and art – is bringing my bio of Winsor McCay to a new generation of readers.

Available in Paperback; Hardcover, and Kindle!

Winsor McCay: His Life and Art is available for order via CRC Press here.

For press enquiries, please contact:
Samantha Holt
Tel: +1 561-430-4854

Twitter tag:  @crcpress
Facebook: John Canemaker

Winsor McCay rides again!

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5 thoughts on “WINSOR McCAY – HIS LIFE AND ART
is back!”

  1. Brilliant! Hope to get the book and have your illustrious persons at the house on 99th. St this Summer.
    Lot of love,
    Tim & Fabiano

  2. congratulations, John on the reissue. I was led here by some digging for my online Animation Layout class at Academy of Art U in San Francisco…we were discussing Mckay and work. I had not been here for awhile. Thanks for all the info and your continued contributions! Scott C.

  3. Dear Mr. Canemaker:

    First of all, I would like to thank you for his magnificent work, which has been my bedside book in reference to McCay. I live in Córdoba Argentina and although it may seem strange, because of these “latitudes”, McCay has fascinated me since the 70s when some Little Nemo plates appeared on the back cover of a “countercultural” magazine that was published here in Argentina the “Imaginary Express”. to get more material and I found your book a few years later.

    I got it in his 1987 hardcover edition, and actually discovering his book was a wonderful and fortunate find. At that time, I was able to learn about his work and regret not being able to access anything other than the examples that you showed in his work. Over time, thanks to the development of the internet, I was able to meet and enjoy almost everything that has survived from McCay. The following site in reference to PILGRIM’S PROGRESS caught my attention:

    Here they mention the following:
    …A Pilgrim’s Progress by Mr. Bunion first appeared in the New York Evening Telegram on June 26, 1905. The comic ran on Mondays and Thursdays through that year, and then regularly on Tuesdays from May 1906 to May 1909.

    What he compared with his book both in the edition of 87 and in this new edition, I find a discrepancy in the completion date of the series.

    You mention in:
    Chapter 4. new york and the great comic strips


    …On June 26, 1905, “Silas” created a second strip geared toward adults in the Evening Telegram, A Pilgrim’s Progress by Mister Bunion. The strip, which ran until December 18, 1910,…”
    My curiosity would be to know what happened between May 1909 and December 18, 1910? Were they reissues of the strip? o Were there any new episodes?
    Without further ado I say goodbye, eternally grateful for your magnificent work.

    Daniel O. Tissera

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